What’s The Benefits Of The Artificial Plant Wall

Three-dimensional greening appears increasingly popular in urban buildings. We can see more and more lush green plants in bridge columns, passages, guardrails, walls and other places. They are plant walls. According to different materials, plant walls can be divided into ecological plant walls and artificial plant walls. Today, let's talk about the benefits of artificial plant walls.

1. Save space & beautify the city
The artificial plant wall occupies a small area. It not only makes full use of the space, but also improves the greening rate of the space. The vertical building wall with faux green wall has a stronger visual impact than the flat greenery. It also makes the concreted city gentler. The plant wall brings greenness and comfort to the bustling and noisy city. It brings the natural scenery that can only be seen in the wild into the city. It is a perfect combination of nature and human beings. When every corner of the city has the breath of nature, it will have more value and visual enjoyment than the monotonous plane greening.
2. Noise isolation
Due to the rapid development of the city, the noise around us is also increasing. The noise and vibration from the crowds, airplanes, cars, motorcycles and so on have covered the city where we live. The noise pollution has become a very serious problem. The plant wall has the function of buffering noise which greatly improves the external vibration and noise and helps us solve these problems. At the same time, the plant wall will also greatly reduce the sound reflection of the buildings.

3. Personalization & customization
The simulated plant wall is composed of various simulated plants. The variety of simulated plants is very comprehensive and rich. Therefore, the simulated plant wall is highly personalized and can be completely customized according to the decoration style, area size and applicable scene.


Post time: Apr-08-2022